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Contemporary Bedroom Wall Sconce

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Contemporary Bedroom Wall Sconce

Posted by Bucher Angeletta on Monday, 17 February, 2020 21:18:50

Entryways are a good place to install contemporary wall sconces that make a bold style statement since this will likely be the first part of your home seen by guests. Wall sconces are also suitable for narrow hallways that are far removed from natural lighting and may not have overhead ceiling lighting. In living rooms, find sconces mounted next to the fireplace where they can complement existing light from a pendant or chandelier.

If your bedroom is outfitted with modern furniture, choose a contemporary wall sconce for the bedroom. The defining characteristics of this style are sleek chrome or steel finishes and clean lines. Flat wall sconces can incorporate some futuristic appeal, while horizontal LED downlights can be used over wall art to create a gallery effect.

What is a Modern Sconce? Contemporary style is hard to define because it is ever-changing! We've curated a selection of wall sconces that harmonize well with the latest trends, from stark minimalist sconce styles in sleek metal and glass to wall lighting fixtures in unconventional shapes and charming colors.

Contemporary wall sconces and lights are the perfect functional wall dcor to add the finishing touch to any space. Decorative wall sconces frame your space, complement other light sources, and complete your design scheme.

Swing Arm Wall Lamps Our highest-quality swing arm wall lamps offer superior lighting in designs that range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Swing arm light fixtures are excellent task lights for reading, needlework and pounding out a few emails before you ready to call it quits for the night.

Wall sconces are perfect for adding a bit of ambiance and mood lighting into a bedroom. A pair of Pennant Wall Lights look great flanking either side of a window. Their downward glow can fill a bedroom with a warm and inviting illumination.